Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Labotamy time!!!

Ever been soooo crazy overwhelmed by all the blotto stuff going on in your life that you feel as though your brain might spontaneously spin right out of your skull?? Well...I gotta tell ya...I'm totally there!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Everyone's a critic!!!

This morning, we had violin lessons. Sophie gets to learn Twinkle Twinkle little star this week. After her lessons, we were in the car, and she asked me to sing a song for her. I picked Twikle Twinkle and sang it for her. Afterwards, I made the mistake of saying "how was that?"

Her response??

"A little pitchy!"

WHAT??!!! It's twinkle freakin twinkle!!! So I say to her..."What do you mean pitchy??!!! That's not very nice!!!"

Her response??

"It's not nice or not nice...you were pitchy!"

Thanks...Point taken!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Daddy's truck!

My Daddy has a truck...it's a very pretty truck! It's his baby...(I am NOT!) This thing is so bling-ed and chromed up that I'm positive it would show up on Google Earth...futhermore, the cost of the darn thing would cover half my mortgage!!!!!!! My point is, I do NOT drive my Fathers truck! Don't get me wrong - my Daddy Loves me, and really does care more about ME then his truck...but I can't even afford to look at it, so I'm hands off! Anyway - Dad drives truck, and he's away right now. Before they left, Dad said that he left the truck in the yard, full of gas and that if we need it - go get it. (It's only next door). Well...this morning I decided to use Dads truck. Our sitter lives on Fairview, and the hill is steeeeeeep!! There's no way the Honda would make it up that hill without a fight, so I sent DH off with the Honda and I took Daddy's truck...for the first time ever - willingly! Not wanting to break anything, I let the heater clear the windshield. The wipers were coated in ice & stuck to the windshield. Instead of using the scraper to peel them off the window, I tapped them with the end of the scraper to break the ice free. All was going well...until...
I pull into the sitters driveway and notice a perfect crack in the windshield that runs from one side - to the other - under the wipers...EXACTLY WHERE I HAD TAPPED!!!!! AUGH!!!!! Now my problem is 2fold! 1st is that I may or may not have broken my Fathers truck!!! 2nd...even if I didn't...He's such a stinker - he'll hold it over my head for a very long time, as though I did and not tell me if it really WAS my fault!!!!!!! BUT...If I don't fess up...and I really DID break it - then I'm in even BIGGER trouble!!!
It's official...I'm 8 years old and still afraid of making Daddy mad!!! At what point will I ever outgrow this??!! I'll keep you posted on the dammage!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I gained HOW MUCH??!!!

I hate the scales! In the grand scheme of things, I'm aware that the scale is just the messenger and I'm not supposed to shoot him, but still! I keep my scales under the vanity in the upstairs bathroom. Yes - I said under. It's a luxury you have when your husband is supposed to build your vanity...and never finishes it. That's for another post entirely!! LOL I'm ashamed to admit that I weigh 190lbs!! I've weighed that for years! Before having kiddo #2, I was much cuter at 170lbs...but since creating THAT life...the lowest I seem able to reach is 190lbs. There are - of course - several days out of each month that I tend to climb by about 10lbs...for that matter - if I weigh myself at night I climb by 10lbs...but just like clockwork - every morning, I can weigh myself and always see 190lbs...until tonight!!!

I dug my scales out from under the vanity...I hop on - they felt weird cuz I haven't been on them in ages and HOLY FREAKIN CRAP I WEIGH 220LBS!!! ok - that can't be right!! I get off them and adjust them back to zero...they were a little high...I get back on - they still feel weird and...I STILL WEIGH 218LBS!!!! OMG OMG OMG!!! How on earth did I gain that much weight!! If anything, I've been eating less!!! So...I get off the scales - something has got to be wrong!! I check them again...they're set to zero! I flip them over and...there's a hunk of malimine stuck to the bottom from where hubby was building the vanity...I put them back down...I hope on and...YAY! 197lbs!!!! LOL (It's night time - back off!!) So...presumably, I'll waddle my bucket but back onto them in the morning and will - fingers crossed - be back to 190lbs just like every other day for the last 6 years! LOL

What can I say...I'm not proud of that number, but it beats the crap out of 220lbs!!! LOL

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Another awsome must try!!

Why didn't I think of that??!!!


Gotta try!

My Mom used to make these using sugar and water...I never thought of trying glue!! I gotta do this with the kids!!