Thursday, February 12, 2009

I gained HOW MUCH??!!!

I hate the scales! In the grand scheme of things, I'm aware that the scale is just the messenger and I'm not supposed to shoot him, but still! I keep my scales under the vanity in the upstairs bathroom. Yes - I said under. It's a luxury you have when your husband is supposed to build your vanity...and never finishes it. That's for another post entirely!! LOL I'm ashamed to admit that I weigh 190lbs!! I've weighed that for years! Before having kiddo #2, I was much cuter at 170lbs...but since creating THAT life...the lowest I seem able to reach is 190lbs. There are - of course - several days out of each month that I tend to climb by about 10lbs...for that matter - if I weigh myself at night I climb by 10lbs...but just like clockwork - every morning, I can weigh myself and always see 190lbs...until tonight!!!

I dug my scales out from under the vanity...I hop on - they felt weird cuz I haven't been on them in ages and HOLY FREAKIN CRAP I WEIGH 220LBS!!! ok - that can't be right!! I get off them and adjust them back to zero...they were a little high...I get back on - they still feel weird and...I STILL WEIGH 218LBS!!!! OMG OMG OMG!!! How on earth did I gain that much weight!! If anything, I've been eating less!!! So...I get off the scales - something has got to be wrong!! I check them again...they're set to zero! I flip them over and...there's a hunk of malimine stuck to the bottom from where hubby was building the vanity...I put them back down...I hope on and...YAY! 197lbs!!!! LOL (It's night time - back off!!) So...presumably, I'll waddle my bucket but back onto them in the morning and will - fingers crossed - be back to 190lbs just like every other day for the last 6 years! LOL

What can I say...I'm not proud of that number, but it beats the crap out of 220lbs!!! LOL

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lesly said...

LOL! I wish I hadn't been eating chocolate when I read this : )