Cakes to come!

This is my calendar of cake events to come!!  I'm super excited about them!! :)

(November 1st)  HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOPHIA!!!
This one is for MY kiddo!!! :)  she's on the fence about what she wants exactly so even though I posted about a corpse bride cake...that may very well change between now and then. :)

(November 10th)  1st Birthday Cake
I'm very excited about this one! :)  It's a 1st birthday cake for the little sister of Mr. Octonauts cake :)

(November 10th ) Cheburashka cake
This one is really cool! :)  This little critter is from Russia and is for a little girls 1st birthday. :)  You can check it out here! :)

(November 16th) LaLa Loopsy cake
YAY!  I'll finally get to make a chocolate cake!!! :)  This one will be a 2 tier chocolate LaLaLoopsy cake - specifically the blue one. :) 

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