Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A new man in my life :)

I have a new man in my life! He's a little cold, and not very talkative...but I think he's adorable!
Yesterday, we made our first snow man in almost 3 winters! The best part was that DH actually got to help out too! :) The snow was perfect and I just couldn't resist - so we started rolling...and rolling...and rolling...and packing and rock hunting and eventually - we were all done! Aint he sweet!! :) Even better is that now our home actually looks like kids live here...which can be good sometimes (not so good when referring to the mountain of laundry - un put away junk and sticky substances all over everywhere) but when referring to happy things like snowpeople...it's a very good thing! Besides...who else is going to watch traffic besides the dog?? I only wish Daisy would stop barking at him! >:(

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