Friday, July 30, 2010

Mary Puppins broke my puppy! :)

Well - Crazy Dayzee spent 3 days and 4 nights with "Mary Puppins". As I understand it - there was some serious puppy play time going on :) I can honestly say, that I have no doubt that it was a crazy good time cuz Crayzee D is pooped! I brought her home at 10:30ish this morning. She walked into the house, paying almost no attention to anyone (compared to her usual crazy drool action). I put her kennel back up, I opened the door and without even asking, she walked inside and flopped on the floor...where she has remained flopped ever since!! (we did take her out to pee a couple of times, but not without some serious coaxing!) DH asked if we should hold a mirror in front of her face a time or two cuz she's not budging!

I think Mary Puppins broke my puppy!! :)

On a more mushy note, though, I have to say that "Mary" is a seriously great friend and I soooo appreciate her taking my pooch! If you think about many people do you know who would (with less then an hours notice) take care of a Saint Bernard for 4 days without even batting an eye?? Thanks a million my friend! :) and Daisy thanks you too! or at least...she will once she gets some rest - he he - thanks for that too!

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prittykitty said...

Hmmm ... I kinda suspected that would happen... Hehe. They played ALL DAY AND EVENING LONG, every day with only a short siesta in the middle of the afternoon. And they played hard. You might notice that she's not quite as white as when you dropped her off too ... she'll need a bath for sure. LOL.

Thank you very much for the gift card but holy moly! you were wayyyyyyy too generous!