Saturday, July 3, 2010

Percy Jackson & the Lightening Thief cake

I got the coolest request for a "Percy Jackson & the Lightening Thief Cake".  The request - however cool though it may be - does pose its share of challenges.  1st - WTH does a "Percy Jackson & the Lightening Thief Cake" look like?!  How in the world do you make a lightening bolt cake??!  Ugh!  I thought I had been trumped until I found this book cover on line!  So - now I'm picturing a gold shield, a flying sneaker, navy frosting with piped lightening bolts and golden waves circling the base.  Ooo - ooo - and -and - some funky blud fondant pearls!!  :)  So far, I have a 10" round 7up pound cake baked and ready to go! :)  I'll keep you posted with pics as I go :)

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