Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Growing, New hobbies and more...


Daisy is growing waaaay too fast!!! she's already way too close to 80lbs and is too big for the chair.
Her solution...take up the entire couch instead! :)

On the Hobbie front... I'm almost embarassed to admit that I have picked up a new one! I actually started it about a year ago, but I'm LOVING it!!! I LOVE scrapping, and baking and card making and cake making and various other things...but this one I can pick up and put down anytime and can enjoy in front of the TV while DH watches zombie movies!!! Wanna know what it is?? (In case the HUGE pic to the left didn't give it away)

Here's my most recent project (just wrapped it up tonight!) Aint she sweet?! I like the hat too! :) Super warm and cozy and looks really cute on kiddo!

I've been crochet'ing like a fiend lately...but have given it all away! eek!

And on a more random note...S and I dug out the face paint last night...she cracks me up! LOL It started as a butterfly...then a fairy...then a Tiger that I totally screwed up...then a...a...well I'm not sure what the heck it is but she liked it! :)

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