Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ghetto-Gahgstah Squirrels

Until this year, we had a family of ghetto gangstah thug ground hogs living under the shed in the back yard. They tormented Lucy for years, causing her to yelp and pee all over the darn place. Since the arrival of Daisy, though, they seem to have learned their place. Taking their place, though, is a rogue red squirrel and I'm pretty sure he's possessed. He's definately a decendant of Hannibal Lector (*insert visual of tied up squirrel with face mask here*). I'm sitting at my computer, minding my own business - surfing blogs and crochet patterns and I hear a scritching at my window - I look up - nothing. I hear it again - I look up and thought I saw something flash passed the window. (*note - the window is in the basement - at ground level so the bottom of it is literally 1" up off of the dirt in the flower bed that is in front of it.) Anyhoo - I hear it again and when I look up, there's this crazy red squirrle hanging off the darn screen starring in at me!!! WTH?! Seriously stuck on the screen giving me the hairy eyeball!! Of course I screamed! then I realized what it was - and got up and juped towards teh window...he didn't budge and tightened his gaze!!! Then I tapped on the window and he freakin sassed me!!! When I finally pointed the camera at him - he bolted!!! I'm pretty sure I'm being invaded!

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prittykitty said...

OK, that so needs to be scrapbooked!