Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wolf cake

I've been sorting through some pics and realized I missed another one!

On April 23rd, I became the proud Mom of a teenager!!  AUGH!  How can this happen?!  I'm much to young to have one of those creatures!  Thankfully - mine is a good kid and I still like her a bunch :)  For her birthday, I asked her what kind of cake she wanted, and her answer was quick - a wolf cake! Hmmm...a wolf cake??  Yup - and rainbow batter!  hmmm - ok - done! 

I googled a bunch of ideas for a wolf cake and came up short - so I decided to wing it.  I started with the rainbow batter cuz I knew I could pull off that part - and - the head was going to have to be carved...so I knew what pans to use too - that part was easy.  While it was baking, though, I screwed on my thinking cap and started to sketch out what a wolf cake should look like.  This was my end result and she was pretty happy with him so I'd consider it a win! :)  (I especially like his toofers! :)


Kirsten said...


Auntie Em said...

You are the best Momma ever! I love the bowls of coloured batter all lined up. How pretty! Quite the cake!

George Rauton said...

Awesome, what pans did you use?