Friday, May 6, 2011

Money well spent

The punks had the day off school, (and consequently left DH at their mercy).  I knew I needed a way to keep them busy so that they wouldn't run him ragged and send him to an early grave, so I told them they had to make a card for Mom today and could use anything they wanted out of my scrap room. :)  I kinda regretted it as soon as I said it...but didn't take it back.  I haven't seen the completed card as of yet, but I just walk by Thing2 - with TWO cards in progress.  From the quick glance that I stole, I could make out the words "HAPPY MOTHERSDAY NOONIE!"...All in brand new corduroy thickers...*sigh* and...the beautiful textured letters are flanked by Basic Grey jewels and I think I saw the use of a butterfly punch.  On one hand - I kinda feel queezy...on the other hand, though...she's smiling so darn big - it was money well spent. :)  Life's too short to pout over thickers. :)

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