Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Virus's SUCK!!!

I have a virus! virus's suck! I told a friend that I have a virus and a bad one...she leaned away from me - looked super concerned (cuz she's great like that - and was probably even sincerely worried! ;) then I pointed out that it was my computer that had the virus! lol That is officially the only funny thing about it.

A virus should be no big deal - back your crap up, reformat and done...yeah - great! Sure! In a perfect world where you're not married to a knucklehead who mass replicates all your family photos, and continually sabotage's your long running efforts to sort them all out. To make matters worse - he snores like a BI%$& too! >:( Can you tell I'm not happy about it?? I guess it's a good thing he's still cute! ;)

Anyhow - here I sit - computer off limits till DH can reformat...again...and even then will still be left with the dilemma of how to manage parental control and be able to officially - once and for all - sort out my darn pictures!!

I miss my film camera. :(

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