Saturday, January 9, 2010


In theory, I'm technically not off track. I have my 2nd 8" round in the oven - the 1st is cooling. I cheated (which I should never ever try cuz if I read back over every freakin attempt to cheat I totally suck at it!!) and didn't quite fill the 2nd pan so that I'd have enough batter left to fill my mini cup-cake pan that I want to use for the flowers...yeah - great idea...cept - I freakin burnt the living crap out of them!! thinking back - I paid way too damn much for the pan and have yet to get a single batch of un-burnt anything out of them! GRRRR!

*sigh* guess I need to whip up another batch of batter to make the darn mini close - and yet so far! LOL

Oh well - I guess this means more baking for people at work on Monday! lol

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Kirsten said...

cheaters never prosper :)