Sunday, January 10, 2010

A friend I've never met!

Sometimes you meet some truly great people...without ever meeting them face to face!

A couple months ago, on Sn'C I fell in LOVE with the most adorable little crochet dolls made by none other then the most rockingest of Jen's! Kiddo's birthday was coming up and Christmas wasn't that far off and I was hoping I could pay her to make one for me. Bless her amazing heart, she made one for kiddo just cuz!! (*insert girl-in-love smiley here!*)

A few days ago - cuz hubby lost the mail box key - I was finally able to check my mail. I was sooper excited to find a 5" box in there, held shut by Disney Princess tape! YAY!! SHE'S HERE SHE'S HERE!!! I know she was for kiddo, but I couldn't help myself!! I had to peek!!

Not only did she manage to whip up the most adorable little friend for kidd - she added an extra surprise that I'm far too tempted to keep for myself!

I opened the box to find THIS!!! How freakin sweet is THAT?!
I never would have thought of a Mushroom purse to carry her in!!! I was still way too excited, so I untied the top...
Almost there.....

YAY! IT'S HER!! IT'S HER!!! - Isn't she the cutes thing you've ever seen??!!! First thing kiddo did was lift her skirt!! lol (She's wearing paties btw)

Now the only problem is that kiddo wants to fly to Florida to give Jen a BIIIIIG hug!!! :)

Thanks a trazillion Jen!! You rock! And so does she!!! :)


Kirsten said...

How cute is she???? I mean both the doll and Jenn!

StaZ said...

That's so awesome! And the cutest little doll eva!!!

b.c. Gurl said...

soooo awesome...and the little purse and the doll are the cutest things I've ever seen! Jenn definitely rocks!

Mieke said...

These little dolls are SUUUPER cute!! Awesome mail rocks :)

Jenn said...

You are absolutly welcome my friend. I'm so glad both you and your daughter like her.I would do it again in a heart beat! And of course I would welcome you down here for a visit, (but I'll drive LOL) ;0)

<3 Jenn