Saturday, January 9, 2010

DH vs. Lucy

DH and I had an iterresting discussion last night on the way home from the grocery store! lol We picked up a few things (9 items to be exact) and went through the express lane. $53. later we were on our way to the car. I mentioned the cost to him and he pointed out that $20 of that was for Lucy's food. Then he laughed and said - that's it - she's gotta go! I quickly jumped to my girls defense! Dood! do you really wanna compete with the dog to see who stays or goes?? He laughed and said that she costs too much to feed! That's when the comparison started.

1 - You both look at me funny when I talk to you.
2 - I have to shave and groom you both!
3 - I have to pick up both of your SH&%!
4 - You both snore and take up way too much of the couch.
5 - You'll both eat anything - even what's bad for you...even when you know it makes you throw up!!
6 - I have to clean up after both of you! ;)
7 - Neither one of you can cook!
8 - You both get way too excited when I leave and come home!
9 - You both pee wherever you chose.
10 - Neither one of you know where your car keys are.

Then I pointed out why he better not wager his residential status against the dogs...

1. - Lucy doesn't torment.
2. - She doesn't pass gass and blame you!
3. - She doesn't sulk and pout when I tell her to go to bed.
4. - She'll eat whatever I give her without criticizing how it was made...since she knows she can't cook! lol
5. - She listens when I talk and doesn't argue ;)
6. - She never complains.
7. - She doesn't call my cell phone a zillion times a night wondering when I'll be home. (when I only left a half hour ago for the grocery store.
8. - I never have to scold her.
9. - she doesn't hog the blankets.
10. - she'll go anywhere I want to go and is just happy that I asked her to come along!
11. - She doesn't create a ton of laundry.
12. - She lets the kids dress her up in princess clothes and even lets us take her picture!
13. - She shares her movie popcorn.
14. - She never wrecks my stuff! (she only chews his if he gets mad at her!! LOL)
15. - She's cheaper to feed.

I offered to continue, but he didn't feel that was necessary! LOL He was pretty quiet the rest of the ride home though! ;) In any case - I think I'll let them both stay, cuz Lucy can't defend me from the kids! lol


StaZ said...

LOL!!!! Guys just don't know what they are up against when it comes to dogs!

Cassey said...

Ok, that was pretty darn funny.