Sunday, May 16, 2010

Red Hat Cake

Well...I'm on my way.  My cakes are all baked and ready to become something other then a cake-looking thing.  Because I'm doing a Red Hat cake, (and red is the devil) I decided to cheat and actually buy my fondant this time.  (eek - I know!!  but alas - it is so!)  Seriously though - if you have ever tried to color anything red, you are familiar with the hell that it is.  I once did a red dress Barbie cake and it took 4 entire jars of red coloring gel, and then it tasted really funny becaues of the gel - ugh!  BUT...I saw this cool new stuff at Michaels a little while ago...It's "Duff" fondant.  I'm not sure who "Duff" is, but I'm guessing he's popular or else he wouldn't have a line of stuff at Micaels. Anyway, it's also "buttercream" flavour...and it was also $29.99 for a tub!  Yikes!  I really hope it's not greasy - I'll cry if it is!!  In any case, that's my cheat!  purchased pre-colored red fondant for my Moms red hat cake. 

I'll post pics when I finish it up - should only take about an hour-ish :) 

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prittykitty said...

Haha! Duff has his own fondant?!?!?!? That's cool! Duff Goldman is the founder and co-owner of Charm City Cakes. He has his own show - Ace of Cakes. That's pretty cool!

And yes, colouring anything, specially fondant, is an awful job!