Monday, May 31, 2010

Life with a 12 week old Saint Bernard

Any pup I have ever had has been 8 weeks old or less.  Having a 12 week old pup is new for me.  Normally, by 12 weeks, my pups are impressively well behaved (ok - except for 1 but he was insane and I have the doctors note to prove it!) They've started to figure out the house rules, are doing better at house training and have figured out the basics of sit, lay down, no, off limits, stay (selectively of course) and have more good moments then bad.  The 12 week old pup has pretty much got the world figured out and are a tougher sell then the blinky eyed 8 week old pup who is just darn excited that the silly creature (me) is wanting to play with them! lol  Plus, a 12 week old Saint Bernard weighs about 40lbs, compared to the 15ish lbs of an 8 week old pup (note - I've always had big dogs).  When a "Saint" plants her feet and decides that she's not moving for anybody or anything...that's it!!  Just to add to the fun visual...She not only plants her feet, but when I push on her bum to get her to move - she plunks to the ground and lays down...but when I try to lift her up, she goes totally freakin limp!!!  Have you ever tried to get a totally limp 40lb puppy on its feet??  lol  I've never seen the likes of it!  And she still hasnt' figured out the stairs.  Aside from that, though, she's lovely.  She's happy and polite and patient and loves everyone.  I'm really happy that she made it to the Pospolita Ranch :)

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StampinThursdays said...

I have an 80lb lab that still sometimes decides to lay down and go limp when she doesn't want to go where I tell her.........not fun! LOL!