Friday, May 28, 2010

Chapter II - Her first day with us.

Last night was fun to say the least.  The timing to get her could not have been worse.  We are totally not ready, the house is upside down and not at all puppy-proofed!  In any case, though, she was ours and we had to deal.  The first item on the agenda was to bath our stinky girl. I filled the tub with less then 2 inches of warm-ish water, picked her up (all 40+lbs of her) and tried to place her into it...She lost her furry mind!!!  She totally flipped out, wanted nothing to do with it and had an episode equivilent to Bambi on ice!  So - I did the only thing any good Mom would do - I yanked off the yoga pants (which were coated in her pee) and hopped in the tub with her.  After that - life was good! :)  (Ignore my thighs please :)  She spent the rest of the night wandering and sniffing and being quite cute.  She tried to kill a sock - just to watch it die - but it survived just the same.  At about midnight (after several bits of cheese) she was in her kennel, snuggled in for the night...and we didn't hear a peep from her till morning!

This morning was great - no messes in her kennel!  She peed politely in the back yard and the girls put her in her crate before catching the bus.  I came home on my lunch break, expecting to see her busting to get out...she was too groggy to even care that I was there.  Even when I opened the door, she just laid there!  I drug her out (blanket and all) and we were off!  She got to go visit Daddy at work, and played with the "yard apes"...then on to Feeds n' Needs for a new collar...then to visit Kiddo's sitter before venturing into kiddo's 2nd grade classroom to meet all the kids in S's class!  She loved every minute of it and by the time we were done she was pooped!  I took her home, put her back in her crate (after a brief lesson on stairs) and that is where she has been quietly sleeping since!  Not sure what tonight will bring, but I'm sure it's bound to be full of furry cuteness!  (which will have to happen outside of the kitchen cuz Momma bear has to bake a cake!)


prittykitty said...

She's just too flippin' cute!!!! Can't wait to meet her!

Queen Mel said...


I am in love with her!