Friday, December 28, 2012

What to do? What to do??

December 28th and I'm sitting at my messy dining room table - covered with the flotsom and jetsom of Christmas morn.  To my right, lays a lazy Saint Bernard - merrily drooling and snoozing on the my left...well...there's a china cabinet to my left but that's neither here nor there (it's left - hehe).  I've managed to get the decks and walkways cleared and the dishes are nearly done with kitchen mostly clean...unfortunately - that's where everythign kinda went pear shaped.  I reeely wanna accomplish something over my break.  My mind is painting pictures of me finishing my many crochet projects or completing my impressive list of to-do's for the house...but then my un-motivated beehind sez; "pass me another piece of that toblerone wouldja??"  :)

At this point in the day - I'll be happy if I make it to Walmart to pick up pics for kiddo's giant picture frame and manage to put her room back together before her sleepover tomorrow.  Until then...I'm off to find the rest of that toblerone! lol

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