Sunday, December 28, 2008

Naked Farting Parties!!!

I'm amazed at how crazy two 6 year old girls can behave!

DD & her bestest friend since they were 3 stayed over last night...and tonight, they're having a sleepover at friends house. Getting the 2 of them together requires 2 things...Planning and Liquor!!! Seriously! I've never seen the likes of it!!

Last night, they were up till 11pm - would not go to sleep! The giggles and silliness was no longer fun for me! The rump shaking and potty humor was not humorous! At one point, I looked at DD and said VERY loudly..."UNLESS YOU CALM DOWN - YOU WILL NEVER HAVE ANYMORE SLEEPOVERS...EVER!!!" She looks at friend and says in a "donkey from Shrek" voice..."I Likem Feisty!!!" WTH do I do with THAT??!! It was all I could do to keep a straight face!!!

Today, we spent 2 hours fighting in the snow until friend finally stabbed snowman through the heart with a wooden steak...then stabbed him in the face and cut off his head!!! Meanwhile, DD put horns on the 2nd of 3 snowmen!! lol (It was actually kinda fun and not nearly as sociopathic as it sounds!)

Tonight, they can't sleep because DD's stuffed unicorn keeps farting in her face...and earlier, friends Dad had to break up a naked farting party in the bathroom!! Good Gawd!! Isn't there a medication for this sort of behavior?? lol In the middle of all the silliness, DD took some fabo shots with her new digi cam...Here are some highlights from today!

This last pic cracks me up!! They really are a terrific pair! They fight like sisters, and play like friends...when they're not fighting like sisters that is!! I can't wait to hear the rest of the stories that come of their sleepover tonight! Heaven help us all!!

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Suzanne said...

And I thought boys were into farting parties?! Too funny! The donkey comment would have thrown me into fits of laughter, in fact it did.