Monday, December 8, 2008

Canine depth perception

Lucy...She's mine baby - allll mine! And being all mine has left her scarred I'm sure! LOL I get such a kick out of her! She's well over 100lbs. She's "Multi-cultural" with that crazy long fur and even though she's super quiet and calm, the slightest bit of perky-ness sounds like a heard fo caribou running through the house!

So the other day, I took her to Moms. (That's only next door, so technically she just came along for the walk). She went into the porch, then I walked out of the porch, and she wasn't behind me! Why?? Well...the screen door which never closes unless it's forced was only open about 12"...and she needs approx 3 feet! lol even though there was more then enouh space for her to walk through and the spring hinge would have easily pushed the door open so she could walk out...she stood there whyning and staring me down with those big brown eyes!! LOL I had to go back up the stairs, open the door and try to get out of the way cuz she won't walk down the stairs in front of me! I always go first! lol Then Saturday afternoon, we put a rolley cart at the top of the stairs...but because she only has 24" to sneak by, she decides to make this crazy leap to get passed the savage animal (the rolley cart that could eat her) and she bangs into the darn thing and sends it crashing down the steps, on top of her with acrylic stamps and foam brushes and storage containers flying everywhere!! She peed herself the whole way down!! lol What a freakin mess for me to clean up! So now she's terrified of rolley carts! AND she's afraid of the dark!! LOL My poor pup! Do they have doggy theriapists?? Maybe she just lacks depth perception?? lol Good think she'll wear glasses!!

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Suzanne said...

She probably does have eye issues, poor puppy! At least she provides some entertainment, even if you do have to clean up her messes and protect her from carts and the dark.