Sunday, December 7, 2008

The rule of the band-aid

How big does a "cut" have to be before it deserves a band-aid? Must there be blood showing or is a scrape enough? What is it about band-aids that seems to make it feel better? My youngest is obsessed with the darn things! She'll go through an entire box in a wink! It drives me nuts cuz when she finally does NEED one...we're always out!!

So - tonight we were goofing around, and the dog got excited and jumped up and caught her with a nail (the dog needs her nails trimmed too). It left a scrap on her calf about 8" long. It starts out as a white mark, but ends with a barely broken skin type scratch. If you squeeze it - I'm sure it would eventually bleed, but so far - no showing of blood anywhere. I humor my wee sprog with a round band-aid...then she nudges for a 2nd one. Finally I cut her off...until she points to the teeeniest tiny-est dot...less then a pin prick if I do say so myself and expresses concern that she needs another one to "keep it from getting infected"!!! Holy cow!! The dot is so small that a germ would never find it!! Nevertheless, she got a 3rd round baind-aid and is no longer mad at the dog.

Now that she knows where these band-aids are...I know I'll ahve to buy a new box tomorrow. Ugh...I wish somebody would write a book on the rules of the band-aid.


Kirsten said...

Our attempted rule - must be actively bleeding. But of course owies that hurt but don't bleed apparently still need them. I buy the crappy ones for the owies and keep a real stock for the bleeders.

My name is Kim. said...

OMG... that's so me. Hi, my name is Kim and I love band aids. :)

Suzanne said...

Funny! When Lisa was little she hated bandaids! She'd scream like crazy if you tried to put one on her.