Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Daisy-May's first road trip.

I had to work in Campbellton on Monday morning, so DH and I rented a car to drive up on Sunday.  We left around 10am, packed poochie in the back seat with all her "stuff" in the trunk (note - puppies have more junk then a toddler!!) and off we went.  I was pretty sure she'd be ok, but was still a little nerveous.  She handled the drive like a dream!!  We stopped about every hour so she could do her thing, but she hopped out and back in the car without any trouble, didn't mess or mind in between stops.  Was pleasant and polite to everyone she met and generally enjoyed every bit that she was awake for. :)  We got to the hotel and she was very well behaved.  She didn't make a single mess and layed around happily playing with her chew toys.  She trotted on her leash merrily by my side as though she had been doing it for years and had her listening ears turned on for almost the entire stay!  She went for a long walk with us at night, and got to meet a nice RCMP officer who pulled over to admire her.  Monday morning, I went to the office while DH entertained her in the hotel room.  For a brief period she lost her mind, went bat-crap crazy and nipped at a stranger.  She pulled and tugged and refused to listen and hauled DH around the parking lot and back into the hotel.  As he walked into the lobby, I walked in through the end doors, giving her a perfect line of sigt to me.  She bolted to me without a blink, leaving DH in her dust...then pranced merrily by my side back to the room on a loose leash and was a perfect lady.  (he he - atta gurl!) 

The drive home was equally uneventful.  She slept the entire way and ate her weight in kibble when we got home.  Overall - a successful road trip I think.  I would also like to report that drool wipes nicely off of rental car upholstery and puppy poop makes DH gag. :)

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