Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cake Cake and more cake!

Cake update is as the last couple days, I have managed to whip up a Pittsberg Penguins cake, a Barbie cake, a 2 tier baby shower cake and a black cat cake for Mel...Pfeuf!  I also had another order for 2 Barbie cakes, but they cancelled last minute - grr!  Oh well - the cakes are baked and frozen for next time. :)  anyway, I plan to post pics, while.  In my camera's defense...I have over 2000 pics on the silly thing, so I shouldn't be surprised! :)  so - all that to say that the next post will (hopefully) be filled with cake pics :)

1 comment:

Queen Mel said...

let me just say the Black kitty cake is gorgeous and I can't wait to show it the birthday girl on Tuesday!!!!

Hollee out did herself! What a fabulous surprise this will be!

Thanks Hollee!