Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bit%# stole my cart!!!

Last night I made a quick run to the Superstore.  I hunted like a jackle for the only cart left in the entire damn store...then I went promptly to the self scan cuz I'm quicker then the slow poke cashier that I always seem to get and am too darned impatient to wait in line behind people who buy their groceries once a month (*ugh!  Insert stress here!*)  So - last night, I get to the self scan, and I have coupons (we gettem with DH's prescriptions but I keep forgetting to use them.) So - I step away for a sec to give the cashier my coupons and when I come back to my register, there's a women with her cart clean up in my gear!!  I was surprised to see her trying to bully into the self scan when I wasn't even finished ringing stuff in and she smiled and walked away.  You better run lady!!  But that's when I realized that BIT#@ STOLE MY CART!!!  It was MY freakin cart that she had!!  MINE!!!  UGH!!!  So there I used and 5 very very heavy bags of groceries to lug back to my car.  It's a damn good thing I didn't see her on my way out or she would have had a jug of fresca up her know what I'm sayin. >:(

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Queen Mel said...

Holy Shit people have balls to do tricks like that......I would have totally hunted her down, had I not been carrying heavy ass bags!