Sunday, June 27, 2010

Black Kitty Cake (Cake 4 of 4)

She was a ton of fun!  Black coloring (because you have to use so much) can sometimes leave a funky taste in the frosting, so I loaded this one up with TONS of chocolate:)  I used fondant to mold her eyes and eye lids and face and made her tail, ears, feet etc. with rice krispie "treats".  Inside, she is a most sexcellent "7up pound cake" :)  Dee-Lish!!  :)  so - without further delay - here is a pic of cake #4! :) Enjoy Mel! :) (Please ignore the contents of my freezer! ;)


Cathy W said...

What a talent Hollee! You have been sooper busy! Maybe next year we'll ahve to some knocking for Ryan's b-day cake. This year she'll have to settle for her mother's cake-tastrophy!

Queen Mel said...

I cannot wait to have a peice of cake!!!! SIL is going to flip right out that she is getting a cake that looks like her cat! Funny! My MIL saw it last night and could not believe it, she loves it! thanks Hollee