Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Un-Birthday fun :)

Because yesterday was my un-birthday, there were a few extras in my day that I did get to enjoy.  Starting with an un-birthday lunch with a friend.  Montanna's was the place to be :)  Halfway through my spinach dip, the way too perkey serving staff clapped with too much glee and chanted a western cult-chant to "Amy" who was celebrating a birthday.  Amy was behind me...I looked accross the table at my friend and advised..."I'm soo glad they weren't coming for me because this would officially become and un-birthday / un-friend lunch!"  She smiled and giggled awkwardly, forcing my spidey senses into overdrive.  I noticed everything from how often our waitress checked on my progress (not my soon to be un-friend) and the awkward looks and deliberate eye contact my friend was making with her...I purposely slowed down - then finished promptly but damnit!!  The plan was already in place and I too was the victim of far too perkey, western cult-chanting wait staff who carried an enormous Viking hat (which I refused to wear out of fear of headlice...(Before you call me weird , live through 1 infestation and tell me it's not in the forefront of your mind 24/7)  I tried to be a good sport...the oreo bits on my un-birthday ice cream helped...and announcing to my un-friend that I'm yonger and prettier while the perkey wait staff belted out their cult-chant was also theraputic.

After lunch, I went to Chapters and treated myself to the new Crochet Today magazine!    There is a great pattern in it for a petal pillow that I'm dying to try!!!  It's totally cute!!  I also treated myself to Amigurumi Two  by Ana Paula.  They didn't have it in stock, though, so I had to order it and wait goodness knows how long. :(

Next stop was Toys R Us to pick up a Barbie for the cake I had to decorate that night.  SCORE!  In and out in less then 5!!

Dinner was great - leftovers!  Yay no cooking!  DH gave me a super remote control hellicoptor that he likes very much, and each of the kids' gave me a Webkinz...which I actually was excited about :)  (note - DH also got me a great book for puppy and money for clothes which I wanted...but the remote control hellicoptor just sounds way more fun :)  We had ice cream cake and Daisy was well behaved for most of the didn't rain!!  (probably because it always rains on my birthday and since it was an un-birthday it didn't! ;) 

I wrapped up the night by decorating a Barbie cake which I will deliver today :) 

Overall - it's still good to be 35...And now I'm off to DD's school picnic. 

Happee Wednesday everyone!!  :)


Queen Mel said...

sounds like fun Hollee!

Madiegirl said...

Happy un-birthday :)

Jenn said...

You will LOVE that book! Did you know she's coming out with #3 soon? I'll be pre-ordering that baby too!!

Happy Un-Birthday girlie!!!