Saturday, June 12, 2010

I think I broke my puppy...

I was trying to be a good Mom this morning.  Youngest kiddo wanted to go biking baaaaaad.  DH rarely lets them bike in the driveway because ours is so big and cars will often use it as a place for u-turns so it makes him super nerveous.  Anyhoo - I barrowed Dad's truck, tossed her bike in the back and DD and puppy in the back seat and off we went.  I pulled in to Garden Creek school, parked the truck and we started walking.  DD rode her bike, while Daisy and I trotted merrily behind on the sidewalk.  We walked up the road about 1 km.  Not too bad, but I figured we should probably turn around so that Daisy didn't over do it.  (She's only 14 weeks old, and we have to really watch her joints and bones until she's about 2.  Too much activity etc. can really do long term dammage.)  Well...we crossed the road so that we could walk / bike back on the (trans Canada) Trail.  It's shaded, and would be cooler for her and easier on her little paws.  We stopped along the way because it was obvious she was getting warm.  I gave her some water and let her sit for a few, but by the time we made it back to teh school on the trail side I realized that there was nowhere for me to get back to the road!  Ugh!  It was all private property with fences and very visible signs that say "NO TRESPASSING!"  Oh no!!  Baaaaaack we go to where we can cross the road and then allll the way back up on the side walk side to get back to the truck.  I'm sad to report that we put in about 5km's this morning.  Poor Daisy. :(  I did my best to go slow, and let her take her time, but that's too far for 1 little puppy.  We got back at 10:30 this morning (we were gone an hour and a half in total) and she's been asleep since we got back.  DD had a blast biking...but I think I broke my puppy. :(

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