Friday, June 18, 2010

What a week!!!

So much to tell and so little time! 

Daisy-May:  She's doing really well!  There are moments when I shake my head and miss the days of already trained, calm and quiet moose-sized adult fur kid running around...but then I realize that we've had her for less then 3 weeks and she's only 3 months old and she listens surprisingly well and is a very good girl.  She still goes bat-crap crazy now and then...and has a selective hearing disorder...but overall, she has improved by leaps and bounds in just over 2 weeks! When she first came home, she had no interest in anything around her...she was just there.  Super distant but very cute!  Now - she's totally involved in the family and I can't remember what it was like before her. 

Ghetto Gangstah Groundhogs;  They're back!!  Last summer, they terrorized Lucy and I both!  They would lunge out at her screeching causign her to freak out like a rabid Caribou - galloping and galumping out of their path (and consequently peeing the entire way!)  I responded much the same way.  Well...they've moved back in, and the babies are super curios about Daisy!  They dart out at her screaching, and she just sits down, tilts her head and looks at them as if to say..."Dood!?"  She doesnt' chase them or bark or get all excited!  And they in turn are totally freaked out!!  MWAH-HAH-HAAAA!  I can feel my reclaimed yard already!!! 

Cakes:  Not sure how I did it, but I'm back smack dab in the middle of cake-a-palooza! lol  I have a hockey puck cake due on Fathers Day, A Kitty cake and a 2 tier baby shower cake and a Barbie cake...alllllll due next week! eek!  I'll post pics as always :)

Punks:  I'm really looking forward to the last day of school! I think I've managed to work things out so that I can be home a fair amount this summer.  Not quite the same as having the summer off...but it will still be good. :)

Luck:  I think my luck may be improving.  We played Bingo at work today and I won!!  AND winnings are only pennies away from the cost of obedience classes (which I've been kindof panicking about, wondering how I was going to cover it!) 

Life:  DH is still less then 100%, the house is still a mess, the lawn still needs to be mode and the "to do" list seems to be never ending...Overall, life is crazy - but it's my crazy and that's good! :)

And now...I'm off to have a great weekend! :)

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Madiegirl said...

ALL fabulous ! have a great weekend