Saturday, June 5, 2010

I hate it when...

I hate it when  a cake doesn't turn out how I planned.  Seriously - it drives me crazy!  It's like a huge failure and it urks me like mad! 

Today I was supposed to deliver a basic fondant covered 9" round and 2 small cakes for twin girls who are celebrating their first birthday...For the main cake, she wanted brown fondant with pink and orange polka dots and a pink ribbon - done - too easy!  WEll - not so easy - I decided to pick up a tub of Duff chocolate fondant...What a mistake!!  It ripped and tore and didn't old together right and just made a huge mess!  But I was so short on time, all I could do was go overboard on polka dots to cover up the mess!  Ugh...And to make matters worse, it was greasy and sticky - so when I dusted it with icing sugar, it got stuck in the cracks and made a helluva mess.  The Mom said she loved it but holy moley - I sure didn't.  I mean - it wasn't "cake wreck" worthy...but it sure didn't meet my standards.  Maybe I need to lower them?  :S

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Kirsten said...

maybe you need to share a photo so we can judge for you