Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pittsberg Penguins Cake (1 of 4)

I work with a lady who's hubby is a Penguins Fan...SHE, however, is a chocolate fan! :)  So - for this cake, I combined the two.  Picture if you will...a layer of Texas Chocolate Sheet Cake smeared with Chocolate Mousse Frosting, then topped with a layer of tripple chocolate fudge Brownie - sprinkled with melted chocolate chips and mini marshmellows - topped with whipped chocolate mousse fudge frosting - topped with texas sheet cake and so on and so on...the end result was a Triple Texas Brownie Smore cake and I'm told it was as evil as it sounds! :)


Behind The Mask said...
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Madiegirl said...

that was me that deleted the comment.....signed in under the wrong name :)
Remind me about this cake next May, my uncles is a huge Penguins fan and would appreciate this cake :)
Well done !!