Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lightening fast Barbie Cake...(2 of 4)

This was the fastest Barbie cake I have ever decorated!!  The Birthday Girl wanted a "Barbie Princess" cake.  Lots of pink but that's all I really had to go on.  I found the Ballerina Barbie on sale at Toys R Us and really liked the dress she had on!  It was embossed directly on her so it seemed a shame to cover it with frosting!  (note*  If you decide to use Ballerina Barbie in a Barbie cake - be warned...if you move her just right, her legs fly open in what I can only assume is some sort of freaky ballerina move that a real ballerina might be able to identify.  Since I was born the polar opposite of ballerina, all I know is that she kicked up one helluva fight when I tried to jam her into the cake!!*)  Moving on...I did the entire skirt in zig zag pink frosting and I left the upper body alone.  the cool part is that I was sooper pleased with how it turned out! :)  And so was the Birthday girl:) Oh - the Wilton Wonder Mold (Barbie skirt pan) is too short for a real Barbie, so I have to build her up with a 2nd cake.  For this one, though, I used a layer of rice krispie "treats" and it worked great!!  Sometimes the simplest things turn out pretty great! :)


Madiegirl said...

You're like the Cake Boss of Freddy Beach !!! Beautiful !

Anonymous said...

What kind of nozzle did you use?