Sunday, October 4, 2009

Worth their weight in gold!!

I recently took on the task of making another wedding cake. Whenever I take one on, I ise the income to invest in more supplies. This time around, I picked up a set of Wilton Bake-Even Strips! They're these fab-O inventions of heat resistant fabric strips! You wrappem around your pans and voila!! Perfectly even, non ant-hill resembling cakes!!

The key behind them is to soak them in cold water first. I crinkled them a little and rubbed the water into them to make sure they were good and soaked! (I had read on-line that they can charr after a half hour and was expecting the small of burning fabric...but...Mine rock!! I think the secret is to make sure they're thoroughly soaked because they naturally repel water. Once they're really wet, pickem up and run them between 2 fingers...just enough to get the excess water off and wrapem. Mine have worked beautifully and the result was AMAZING!!!

This is the cake that funded the purchase of these little gems (but sadly not much else...not cuz the strips were expensive...I brutally under-charged!) I LOVE her topper! She got them at AC Moore! Anyway - another cake success under my well as several inches of growth due to frosting consumtion! lol

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Kim said...

Love them too. Couldn't live without those strips! Great cake... you're a brave lady. I haven't ventured over 2 tiers. lol. the transportation is what scares the crap out of me!