Saturday, October 31, 2009

Topsy Turvy cake - Take II

A few weeks ago, I tried my hand at making a Topsy Turvy cake for the first time. It didn't turn out as Topsy or as turvy as I would have liked...and it was the total opposite of everything I was trying to accomplish, but it was fun and the Birthday gal liked it so mission accomplished!!

Kiddo turns 7 tomorrow, and when I asked her what kid of cake she wanted, she said a Topsy Turvy cake! Damn! :( lol

Well...the lessons I learned from last time are;

1. Mixes are evil - you need a more stable batter.
2. You need 3 layers per tier. Torting 1 tier into 3 does not work.

So - this time round, I used a modified mix recipe.

2 - boxes of chocolate cake mix
2c - flour
2c - sugar
1 1/2 tsp - salt
6 large eggs
2tsp - almod extract (I only use 1tsp)
2 tsp - vanilla
2 2/3 c - water
2c - sour cream
1/4c - vegetable oil

**note** If you want to make a white version of the same cake, replace the 6 large eggs with 8 large egg whites. **

I LOVE this recipe cuz it always works out perfectly! You mix all the dry ingredients in 1 bowl.

(I sift everything together, including the mix) You mix all the wet ingredients in another bowl - mixing very well, combine the two and mix thorougly, pour into your pans and bake at 325 until done.

So - back to my cake. In the tutorial I found, she mentioned that I could avoid excess trimming by using diffent size pans. I used my 3" deep pans and made an 8" round and a 6" round. For the 3rd layer I used a 2" deep pan and made another 6" round. In theory - that was a good idea.

The lesson I learned from this cake, is that I should use my standard 2" pans. The 3" pans are too deep and make the tiers too high. It still worked out - it juts means that it feels a little top heavy and tippy - but it will be fine by the time I'm done! It's a lesson learned for next time! :)

I followed the instructions and angle cut the 8" round, and spun the top half to give me the crooked look. I frosted all 3 layers together, then trimmed it to give it the Topsy Turvy style. so now, I've got the cake assembled, and ready to frost and decorate. Trouble is...I'm out of frosting and out of shortening and icing sugar!! Crap!!

maybe kiddo won't notice if I don't frost her cake;) LOL Off to the bulk barn I go! :) I'll post pics later - promise.

I have since frosted and fondant-ed this looks absolutely ridiculous!! lol I trimmed it too narrow at the bottom, so it tipped over in the fridge. I had to use frosting and animal crackers to shimm it upright again!! LOL Plus - the colors are ridiculous cuz I rushed it, and didn't plan a damn bit - but - kiddo FREAKED OUT over it!!! LOL
I guess it's a darn good thing that 7 year olds have reeeeely low standards!! ;)
Here's hoping that the 3rd try will actually work out!! ;)

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lesly said...

It reminds me of a mad hatter hat! I bet it was TASTY!!!