Monday, October 26, 2009

Bonus with Purchase!!

On sunday I noticed that we have "Christmas Store" where Cottage Industries used to be. DD and I went it to check it out and it wasn't all amazing, but we did find a few fun things for cheap. One thing I found was a set of these little numbers that I've wanted forever. I was pretty excited about my purchase - especially since they are the mini ones!! how adorable!!! $4.99 even the price was mini! Tonight I noticed that the 2 plant in my scrap room were a little thirsty! So - I grabbed my two Aqua globes, filled them up and ran downstairs...cept...I wasn't expecting to find my bonus with purchase...
I'm not sure what species it is and I reeely hope it's dead! :( Now I'm worried that it had living friends in the box that I left unattended on the dining room table! :(
They are now drying out in the window of the bathroom in hopes that it will fall out once it's dry. I was too much of a woose to take the pic myself so I got kiddo to take them for me...

yeah...happy feeling gone.
Today, I went back to the store and told the girl about my bonus. She said - "Bring it in and we'll gladly exchange it!" YAY! Then I found out that the only reason she was exchanging it was that she wanted to see the bug!! LOL
Oh well - I bought another box too! (But I checked for critters before leaving the store ;)

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