Sunday, October 4, 2009

The life of an electric guitar cake

A guy I work with commissioned me to make a cake and asked for an electric guitar! Cool!! I've never done a guitar cake before! Normally the idea of a different cake doesn't intimidate me much...just enough to get me through. This one, though, is kindof scaring the hell out of me! See...guy from work is really into music, and knows what the twisty bits on a guitar are called!! Once that notion kicked in - I was reeeeely kinda freakin! So much so that I actually dreamed, last night, that I didn't deliver it because I was away or something and my entire dream was my tear filled apology in an office that had been re-arranged and taken over by another offices employees...and his wife wouldnt' speak to me!! lol In any case, I'm due to deliver it tomorrow, so I had to start somewhere.
1st stop - Bulk Barn! He had provided this photo as an example - pointing out that the "fetter bar" (I think that's what the note says) looks like chocolate bars and the gold buttons resemble worthers. So - chocolate bars - check! Werthers - check! I also picked up a few other odds n' ends to help take care of the other hardware. For the strings, I'll dig into my jewellery making kit...but I'll get to that later.

By the time I got home from town, the cake was done. I didn't have a mold, so I had to improvise. I hand sketched the outline on the back of the e-mail that he had given me...cut that out and used it as a template to cut out the cake!
And that's where I'm at right now...patiently waiting for it to cool, so that I can tort it and start the process that ends with it looking like a frosting guitar!! lol

5:21pm...Ok - The cake has cooled and is now "torted" - meaning I sliced it into layers to fill with frosting! Yumm! then I had to build the arm and the end thingie. (Note to guy who wants the cake - I have no clue what the "end thingie" is called) Once I had all the pieces - it was time to assemble the guitar cake...when I was done, it looked like this!

One request that he had was that when you get reeeely close to it, it would look like wood-grain. Holy crap!! How do you do THAT with frosting??!! lol Well...I piped wood-grain onto it with frosting, then filled in around. I don't know if it looks like wood-grain or not, but it is definately starting to look more like a guitar! What didn't help is when hubby walked by and asked if it was supposed to have "streatch marks"! Thanks guy I married - you're a jerk!

So - Now, all that is left is to finish icing the end thingie, install the twisty bits (again - no clue what those are called) and add the strings! Then I have to figure out what to do with the sides...?? Anyhoo - I totally think it's lacking color...too bad I hadn't discussed color with him before hand. 6:40pm...Well...finishing this bad boy was interresting!! lol It wasn't the cake that kicked up the fuss but rather hubby who came unglued at the idea that I would use wire for the strings!! OMG! I think he visualized a gaggle of 2 year olds frollicking around the cake when all of the sudden 9-1-1 is called to extract a guitar string or twisty bits from the wee sprog! In any case - (sorry guy at work) I opted to compromise with the man I married as he whynes more then the guy at work! No strings - but I didn't budge on the twisty bits! Which brings us to our finished electric guitar cake!!

So - Here she is in all her glory. I hope he's happy with her, afterall...looks aren't everything! lol It's what's inside that counts!!
And friends is the life of an electric guitar cake!!


Kirsten said...

cooool man, cool

canadacole said...

It looks fantastic! What did you end up using up top (ha ha, I have no idea what that part is called either).

Jenn said...

That is stinkin' awesome!!! I wish I lived closer so I could hire you to make my cakes!

The Wheeler-Thibodeau's said...

Great job Hollee - is the guy at work Chuck?

Cassey said...

Wow.... That is amazing!!

Val said...

awesome job

Kim said...

Freaking fantastic!!!!!!