Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Life of a Wedding Cake...

Making a Wedding Cake can be super simple if you follow 1 simple rule...Don't screw up! ;) I will admit that they do freak me out...but it's just enough stress to get me through! ;)

I figured I'd post the steps for a basic 3 tier cake, to show how it all comes together. The real key is to start way ahead of time so that you have time to fix those "suprises"...Like...a cake that falls cuz your kids don't listen and played leap frog through the kitchen...grrr! So - with that in mind, that's how the life of this Wedding cake began.

This particular cake will have Marshmellow Fondant with frosting dots and a simple irredescent ribbon. Sizes are 14", 10" & 6". Because I delivered another wedding cake last weekend, I had enough batter left over to also bake the 10" that I was going to need for THIS cake - YAY! The recipe that I use will make exactly enough batter for a 14" & 6" so it all works out perfectly!!

As I type this, my 10" is sitting comfortably frozen in my freezer! I wrapped it in several layers of plastic, because it would be there for a few days only. Any longer, and I'd have it in tin foil too.

Tonight, I had to bake the 14" and the 6". Because I'm delivering on Saturday Morning...I wont' have any time at all on Saturday to finish up...that means that the bulk of my work will happen on Friday night...and since I can't put Fondant in the fridge...I'll also be up bright and early on Saturday morning...up to my alligators in Fondant! (Groan!) All that means is that all baking MUST be done by tomorrow!
The 14" pan takes a ton of batter, and needs a baking cone (that's the funky thing in the middle). I'm not sure why my cake cracked...I think I need a new element! Anyway - this is the cooked 14"...the 6" is baking. As you can see - I'm also making great use of my even-bake strips! Have I mentioned how much I LOVE these things lately?

When it was done, I flipped it onto a cooling rack and sliced off the cracked top to level it out. I bought the Wilton cake saw last week and it sucked!! Seriously! The blade sloped upward and there was nothing level about the results it produced no matter how hard I pressed down with both hands - so for $34.99 - It went BACK!

A smart cake maker would have waited till it cooled to slice off the top...but I've never been considered smart so I grabbed my knife and had atter!! ;) Here she sits cooling...Don't let the crumby appearance fool you - it's level! And when it's all covered in yummy will be beautiful!!

Once it's all cooled I'll tort it and move on...but I'll also post pics as I go.

So - till then...this is the life of a Wedding Cake!


Kirsten said...

I hate it when you post all that, and then leave me hanging. Grrr

Hollee said...

LOL tomorrow night is the Big night!;) No more waiting - promise!! Then Saturday morning is d-day! a.k.a. "Delivery Day"