Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wedding Cakes 101 - Part III

Well...She's finally done! I picked up the flowers at 9am this morning and was at the hall at 9:30...where I waited until 10:30 for somebody to let me in! *sigh*. (My own fault, though...I was being a keener;) I wasn't sure what to expect for flower work, as I was only told that I'd be given an assortment of "Fall Flowers". I was pretty sure I wouldn't be given a potted Mum...but othewise was in the dark. So - I picked up the topper (which is adorable btw - check out it's cuteness!) and a bundle of loose flowers to work into the cake design. It was a little more of a challenge then I had expected, but it was a super fun one too! With the assortment I was given, I managed to work it into 3 separate arrangements that I worked around the cake.

1 was a lilly arrangement...This was made up with the flowers that were left over from the other 2 groupings. It's at the "back" of the cake.
The other 2 were made with Gerber Dasies, roses and fillers, but I love how they turned out too!

I'm always a little unsettled when I drop off a cake - but I think that is probably my que that it turned out well. If I walked away pleased as punch with myself, I've probably gotten too confident!. I do think, though that the cake turned out very well. I absolutely adore the flowers, and think that they make the cake!

So - are you ready to see her?? :)

I have to say...I think it's one of my favorites to date. :)


Tina said...

OMG Hollee, this is one gorgeous cake!!!! Those real flowers are soooo beautiful!!!
Awesome job!

Tracey said...

That's absolutely gorgeous Hollee!! The flowers are beautiful!

Kirsten said...

Wowzers! It's stunning!

Tracey Bryant said...

Holy Crap! That is amazing! Are you available for a tutoring session next weekend? Kidding! You do an amazing job!

Suzanne said...


Cassey said...

Wow - that is amazing!!