Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Franken-Bird and Dog puke!

Nothing says Thanksgiving like the smell of dog vomit!! Yess-er-ee boy! After reading about wedding cake and frosting for the last zillion posts, I'm guessing that swept you back on your feet quite nicely!! Lol

Thanksgiving was quiet this year…Hubby and I took kiddo apple picking, but there wasn't much left to pick so it didn't take long. One of the highlights of the trip was a little boy (about 4) who was running down the path from the horse paddock screaming "DAD! DAD! I GAVE THE HORSE AN APPLE AND HE MADE APPLE JUICE!!!" Ok - eww - but it totally cracked me up!

I bought my turkey (frozen) on Thursday. Did my Turkey math and it's now Monday - I'm good to go! GREAT BIG FREEZIN WRONG!!! Who knew that 4 days in the fridge will NOT thaw a turkey! Well…now I know! By the time it was done, it looked like Franken-bird (ooo - visual!) but it was cooked at least. We had to take almost all the water out and cut off the legs, but still…it only took 5 hours to cook!!

In the process, though, hubby thought he'd make nice with the dog…all 120lbs of her! Yup - he fed her breakfast twice…nice! Then fed her half cooked turkey guts!! Yummm!!! Had I witnessed his lapse in judgement, I probably could have avoided the $8 cost of getting oldest kiddo to clean it up! Honestly, though - it was a steal! No way would I have done it for free!! Especially since it took at least 3 dust pan loads and half a pack of bounty big napkins, just to clean up the first pile!! Ewwww!!

Once the bird cooking and barf cleaning was done, though, I think we all enjoyed a great Turkey dinner and the kids totally had a blast looking at the dog puke so overall, I think we had a pretty good - all be it interresting Thanksgiving!

And now I'm off to make another cake! Groan

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