Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October Scrap-athon!!!

What a great weekend! Everything about it was terrific and I must admit that the one thing that really jumped out at me was just how badly I've been missin my gurls!! Seriously - we need to do this waaaay more often!

Looking back, the only thing I would do differently is the 2 Wedding cakes right before our crop! That made for some busee times!! Thursday afternoon I could feel a bug coming on. I tried to dose myself with vitamin C but by Friday morning, my throat was on fire and it felt like I had sucked up a balloon! Not awesome! :( Sinutab got me thru till Sunday - but I've been in bed pretty much non stop since then.

Rewind - Friday morning 8am...crickets chirp as I sit alone in the crop room...YAY - MEL'S HERE!! Mel was the first to arrive - she was a great help at re-arranging all the tables to make loads of space for everyone - Thanks Mel ;) Not long after, the rest of the crew filter in one by one...Jay showed up with the yummiest of yummy chocolate covered oreos...mmmmm - yup - let's say that again! Chocolate Covered Oreos! Soon after, the room was filled with lots and lots of scrappin! I was actually quite happy with myself for getting as much done as I did! Normally, I wander and take over other peoples layouts but I'm proud to report that it didn't happen even once this weekend! :) (Ok - not true - sorry Le-Sly)

So Saturday night, I'm sitting at the table...I don't really remember who all was there with me, but Mel points out that the only person in our group who has never been "pranked" is Jay! (spidey senses tingling) What I was thinking is - Dude! I made her a Barbie Bucket! But what I said was "Yeah - but anything you could do to rattle her would just be mean!" Mel agreed and scrapping continued. A while later, Lorinda (Hotel Gawdesse extraordinaire - who'm I've known since the 4th grade) comes to get me. On my way out of the room, I noticed that Nola was eating take-out, so I figured she was coming to tell me that we couldn't have outside food in the scrap room. Nope - not even close. What she told me was that the church group who has the room the next morning at 9am was sending Service Master in to steam clean the carpets at midnight because they thought they were disgusting. My first thought was "they do have a point"...but I deal with crap like that at work all the time so it wasn't a huge deal. She seemed to be freaking so my instinct was to stay calm. I mean realisitically - how many scrappers do we have in the room after 2am?? I kept offering to go talk to the gurls...but she kept saying no-no let me make some calls. (spidey senses still tingling) So I went back into the room to collect my things...I was about to break it to them gently but figured I'd let Lorinda make some calls first - afterall - no need to cause a stampede until we need to. Back to my room I head. That's when things started to get very tingley - Mel shouts after me to find out what room I'm in cuz she wanted to reach Lesley...huh?? Weird!! Ok - I'll bite! "212" I shout. So I get to the room, and tell Le-Sly that I think I'm proud of myself...but I'm not sure yet...then the phone rings. It's one of those weirdo one sided yes-yes-yes-no she's not - yes -yes conversations that is clearly about me. So I figured I'd go talk to Lorinda. At that point, Mel is at my door..."YOU SUCK!!" Is what I was thinking...but 2 can play at this game ;) So - I bolt down the hall ignoring her - headed straight for Lorinda...the second I see her I say "I've known you since the 4th grade" and she immdiately replies with "I'M SOOO SORRY!!!" A-HAAA! Thank you spidey senses!! By now, Mel has followed me down to the lounge!! Thinking way too fast, I ask Lorinda if she'd be willing to kick me out?? She looks scared so I assured her that I wouldn't cause a scene with her kids at the bar - "Look Mad!" I told her - then I shouted something about this sucking etc. and I think that we'd never be back...I bolted passed Mel and the crowd that we had attracted. By now, everyone was trying to convince me that it was a joke...but I was on a mission. I know that to let them know I knew wouldn't be as effective unless I had some distance so off to the crop room I headed. I was ignoring everyone and am happy to have found out that I didn't physically shove Amy into a tree like I originally thought - pfeuf!

With distance between Mel & I (she was still trying to convince me that it was a joke) I shouted that "I've put too much into this!!" bla bla bla and I bolted in, slamming my stuff onto the table and filling my pockets to leave. I think I must have done a great job at looking mad cuz everyone looked really worried! lol Finally Mel hollers "IT WAS A JOKE!!!" from the other side of the ball room...I stopped, smiled, turned around and politely told her "I knew before I left the room!" And THAT is how it's done!!! ROTFL I'm pretty proud of my performance...but now that I've posted it - I think I'll have to let it go, or I risk rubbing it in too much! lol

All things considered, I think Mel was a good sport about it! Lorinda has refused to be a part of our groups shinanigans anymore cuz we "freak her out!" It was fun to have it flipped, though, for a change ;) With any luck, maybe it will take the focus off of Scope for a bit and give Mel a chance to live that down first?? lol

The rest of the weekend was a blast and loads of scrappin got done! It was great to have most of our "herd" together again...let's aim for April ladies! I'm missin yawl like mad! :) ((HUGS))

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lesly said...

no need for apologies - loved all the great ideas! :)