Wednesday, October 21, 2009

DIY - Baking cone!

I bought the Wilton Baking Cone a few months ago, and am happy with it. The trouble, though, is that it's tapered, and closed on the bottom, which makes it a PITA to grease, and to clean!

Recently, I found an idea for a DIY baking cone that suggested using a soup can instead! I was intreagued, and gave it a try. I am happy to report, that my new baking fave is my DIY baking cone!! Check out the level-ness of this cake!! AND because it's open on the bottom, you can't even tell it was there when I put it back together!! YAY! (ok - maybe you can tell a little - but because it's the same size from top to bottom, the cake goes together way better and way more easily when torted!!)

I also need to point out that I'm still WAY in love with the bake even strips too (see him wrapped around the pan in the 1st pic?)! They're a perfect match for my soup can! lol If you don't have the strips - gettem! And the next time you bake a cake (bigger then 10") pop a can in the middle of that bad boy and watch what happens!! :)


StampinThursdays said...

So what do the baking strips do?
And what is the baking cone for? Looks like a cool idea........I'm assuming it's to keep the cake from falling in the center?

Love the topsy turvy cake!

Hollee said...

The cone helps it bake evenly in the middle so that you don't get that raw batter center. The bake even strips help it rise evenly so that you don't get that big ant-hill cake with crispy/burnt edges and a way to high middle.

As Martha would say...they're a good thing!

StampinThursdays said...

Cool! Thanks!

I guess before my next cake I'll need to go shopping ;)