Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bee cake!!

Flash back to a cake of the passed! I hadn't exactly meant for this blog to be a "cake blog" but it's kindof been in that zone lately.

Kiddo's BFF is nick-named "B" so it was only fitting that "B" get a "B" cake for her B-Day!
I had such a great time with this one!! My fave part was totally the stinger!! lol

In addition to the big "B" cake, I also made little "B" cup-cakes for the kiddo's...why you ask?? Well - cuz I wanted to be sooooper awesome!! AND cuz the "B" cake was made without a dairy element that kiddo's auntie was allergic too.

How adorable are THOSE??!! there was one for each kiddo! They were a HUGE hit! and sooo easy to make! (*note: they look like Borg-Bees in the pic with their stark white eyes...but they actually had bright blue eyes with a tiny white dot...can't see that in the pic though - trust me! *)

The big "B" was the star attraction and the B-Day girl LOVED her! YAY FOR BEE CAKES! :) It was made using the sports ball pan and took less then an hour to decorate!! I used my cricut to cut out folk art hearts for the wings! ;) Sneeky - I know!

Anyway - I have a few other cakes to post, but that's all for now!