Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Not-so Topsy Turvy Cake

I had planned to make a Topsy-Turvy cake for Le-Sly's Birthday. all went from bad to worse fast and what was supposed to be fun & whimsical turned out more like something from the tail end of oompa-loompa land! lol

I found a "how to" on Topsy Turvy cakes at Cakes by Rosa. I would like to point out - first and formost...Rosa - goooood cake maker! Hollee - baaaaad cake maker!! lol Her isntructions are great! I did have a few questions, though, but didn't realize that until I was underway - without her demo in front of me and no access to a working computer! (Thanks hubby)
My first mistake was using a mix...yeah - bad bad bad cake person!! Mixes are evil! Aside from tasting like sponge - they don't hold up at all!! (insert kicking myself smiley here!)

The other problem that I had was on scrimping on the layers. I thought that torting 1 layer into 3 would work...yeah - not so much!! (insert kicking myself smiley here!) So - halfway through the 2nd tier, it starts to - we're talking WTF crumbling!! So - 3 tiers of whimsy and wonder went Ploomp! Straight into the trash!! And now we're down to 2 tiers!!
I did follow her instructions for cutting the tops etc. But aside from that, I would have had much better luck if i had actually done what she said to do. Mental note - listen to Rosa!!! I'm a BAD cake-maker!!

It's probably best that I did not catalogue the entire - and very painful process that resulted in my WTF Cake! I will try again...but first, I'll have to see if I can wrangle a "Mud Pie" recipe out of Rosa!! LOL
In any case, here is my Sweaty (Hotel staff put it in the freezer! ugh!) Oompa Loompa cake! LOL It was (thankfully) still pretty yummy - and we did have lots to go around...but it's a very good thing that I was only going for "funny" and nothing else cuz that's about all this cake was!! lol


lesly said...

mmmmm... blue fondant balls! I wish I could have one right now!

Hollee said...

Every cake should have blue-balls! ;)