Saturday, February 19, 2011

*Update with sneak peek* Pink Teddy Bear Cake

YAY!  SHE'S DONE! SHE'S DONE! AND I LOVE HER!!!!!  Seriously - if she is the last cake I ever do, I'm perfectly happy with that cuz she's the nicest cake I have EVER done and I LOVE her!!!  She's sitting in the fridge, keeping my milk company and every time I open the door she makes me smile!  I LOVE everything about her and am very proud of myself (which is cool cuz I dont' ever give myself credit for doing something well).  Unfortunately...I can't post pics yet cuz she hasn't been delivered - so the sneek peak of the previous post will have to do till tomorrow after noon-ish. :)  I have to warn you though...SHE'S REALLY FREAKIN AWESOME!!!  Oh and quite possibly way more cake the the birthday girl is going to need. :)


Ok - so I just got off the phone with Birthday Momma and sent her some pics of her wicked cute cake, and soo...I feel I can safely post at least 1 sneak peek of her wicked cuteness!!  :D 

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