Saturday, February 19, 2011

Introducing the Pink Teddy Bear Cake!!!!!

She's delivered and done!  Until 2:00 this afternoon, I thought that there was nothing cuter in the world then this cake...but then I got to meet the Birthday girl and she's WAY cuter!!!  :)  What a little muchkin!!!  She smiled soooo big when she saw her cake - my heart melted - and THAT is why I love doing cakes! :)  I don't get to see the "look" very often - in fact, I almost never get to see the birthday kiddo see their cake so this was a real treat!  Thanks Birthday Momma for letting me share that! 

So now - without further delay - Here is the Pink Teddy cake!

This is the left foot.  I was so excited when I remembered that I had fondant writers in my tool box!  I Love the "Happy Birthday" on her toes.  This was also the first time I tried making fondant flowers.  I don't have any of the fancy tools, so I used the back side of a mellon baller! he he - I may be part genius??  I picked up the "4" candle, cuz with 3D cakes you're limited on where you can put 4 sepearate candles.  Where do they go?  Out of the top of her head?  Her feet?  the arms are RKtreats so they wont' punch through...I had originally thought I'd make a cup-cake to put in front of her, and then my inner scrapper / Momtographer kicked in and I thought - No!  If I put the candle in front of her - how will they get the pic of her blowing out the candle??  and so - I stuck it on her toe...but it needed something more and so - she got a posey on her tosey for the 4 candle to perch on. :) 

 This is the right foot -Notice the quilted look on the bottom?  I was able to do that for the inside of her ears, the bottoms of her feet and her super cute tummy!  I used a tool from the kiddo's play-doh box.  Clever eh?  (and yes I washed it first.)  The little heart was an after thought...but I liked it.
 Here's the view from the top.  I didn't have any white frosting left, so I used yellow M&M's for the centers of the flowers.  You can also see where I had to mix a 2nd batch of pink frosting.  She turned out much bigger then I originally planned so you can see where the different batches started.  I tried to keep it even...I was thinking I could cover it with more flowers...but figured less was more and stopped with the 2 on the head.  Also - there's a giant plastic dowel that runs down through her middle.  The very top white petal covers where it pokes out.  (I left it poking out so that cake cutter person could easily find it)

 Here's the back view (like the heart on her bum?)  this is where you can really see the different colors of frosting (Sorry Birthday Mom).  It was less obvious last night. :(  She's still crazy wicked cute, though, so I don't think it matters much.  :)  I tried hard to blend it all together, though.  It can be really hard to make a big enough batch of frosting all 1 color.  This little pink bear used up 8 cups of butter, and a full cup of cream to make all that pink.  Needless to say - low-cal teddy, she is not!  (But that's how you know she's yummy!)

 Her right side profile...
 And her left side profile...
And finally...TAA-DAA!!!
Isnt' she just the cutest??!!!  :)  I'm so proud of this cake!  I've decided that this is how all cakes should be.  This cake reminded me why I started doing them - and also why I stopped.  From now on - the only cake that I want to do is fun cakes like her!!!  Dare I dream? :) 

And so I'm hoping that the birthday girl had a terrific 4th birthday - that the sleigh ride was a hit, that the party was a blast and that her super cute birthday bear cake made her smile inside :)  And I hope that if Birthday Momma calls me for the 5th birthday cake...that I have enough creative frosting mojo to top the 4th cuz it's not gonna be easy! :)

Happy Birthday Kiddo!
from Hollee


Auntie Em said...

Hollee....your TB cake is ADORABLE!!! (Bald patch and all...I think it just adds to the charm of her myself!) I hope the Mom is quick enough to get some great pics of the BDgirl blowing out the candle. I would never have thought of the camera lady!) Love the hearts and flower touches too.
You totally outdid yourself this time!!!
Isn't 4 a wonderful age? *sigh*

JennC said...

OMGoodness Hollee!!!! That cake is so stinking cute!!! What a very lucky girl to have a Hollee cake present at her party! ;o)

Any plans on being in Florida next year??? Around the 25th-ish??? ah, I can wish...

PamelaM said...

I don't even know where to begin in my thank you. This cake was so special to Juliana, Derek and I. I remembered the TB cake you had made. I knew this would be perfect as she is so caring and nurturing to her stuffies & babies. I don't think I will ever forget the look in her eyes and her little fists to her mouth (she does this when she is really excited) when she saw the cake. It was way more than I could ever imagine. There is no doubt that a lot of love went in making this bear. She is perfect. I asked her last night what was her favourite part of the day (as part of a new daily gratitude we are doing) and she said "the cake". It's the first thing she asked about when her little eyes opened in the morning. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. I can't express how much it meant to us. Muah!

Cathy W said...

And it was as tasty as it was beautiful! You really outdid your self.... Get your cake hands ready for July 3rd!

prittykitty said...

She's gorgeous! I want one for my birthday!!! lol. No, seriously.