Friday, February 18, 2011

Distracted by frosting...

Dad had a bypass scheduled for this morning, so I had booked a personal day to be with the family.  The Bypass was postponed, but I kept the day off anyway cuz I really needed it.  I was soooo looking forward to having a day to just poke away at a cake and do nothing else...a lazy day of just me and frosting - but then - DH got the flu (on top of everything else) and school was cancelled - Ugh!  There goes that plan! 

Overall, though, today was pretty good. The girls and I went out for breakfast, swung by Simms to pick up a can of paint - then off to the grocery store and then home to start decorating a teddy bear cake!  I had her all baked a couple nights ago - but today I got to build her.  I have to say that she went together soo easy, was absolutely no stress at all and I've loved everything about her - every step of the way! :)  I really think that she was my fave and most fun cake ever...and she's not even done yet! (I had to break to feed the girls and figured I had better eat something too :)

I don't normally post pics before I deliver a cake (I figure the cake getter should be the first to see) but she's just way too cute- I can't help myself!!

Obviously, I still have more work to do...but I'm Loving the crap out of her so far! :)  she's all cake, except for her arms, ears and muzzle. 

And now...I'm off to finish her cuz I just Love her to bits!!     

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Auntie Em said...

What a great way to spend your day. She is TOTALLY sweet! You are so talented!
{{{Hugs}}} Been thinking of you!!!
Hope your Dad is doing a little better.