Sunday, February 13, 2011

Itroducing Luna!

 I must first say that this all started with a Monkey named Marty.  Aint he sweet?! I fell in LOVE with this pattern, and because of my pattern purchase, I found out when Zeb was born! I had to have him and quickly made him mine.  As I starred into Zeb's beee-autiful zebra eyes, all I could think of was "Holy Crap!  He'd make a cute unicorn!!!"
 If you have ever tried to find a decent unicorn pattern, you know that they all look slightly (and most times mostly) derranged!  Or - they look lanky and totally's very frustrating.  So - I emailed the pattern Goddess who created Marty and Zeb and a ton of other equally adorable amigurumi patterns and mentioned the unicorn resemblance.  I explained that I'd been trying to find a unicorn pattern for kiddo and here's the awesome holy-crap part...I e-mailed her on January 22nd, and on february freakin 3rd...SHE SENT ME THIS!!!!!!!   On the grand scale of things that are impressive...going from a "Hey - your zebra looks like a unicorn" to a full blown pattern with completed example is waaaay up there!!  I mean - I'm fast but - holy crap! :) 

I started him last Monday on the way home from Moncton.  By the time I hit Fredericton, I had finished the head.  By Monday night, the body, horn, ears, and neck and part of a leg.  Tuesday
night I finished the leg...and the main and tail (after a couple of "please help!" e-mails for clarification on the tail)  *note* Pattern lady is super friendly and WAY helpful!!  with her guidance, I had it finished in no time flat! :)  I wrapped up and attached a 2nd leg.  Then I got side tracked until last night when I finished the last 2 legs.  I (HEART) her! :)  I skipped the button joints cuz...well...I was just too darn lazy :)  Instead, she's stitch jointed and her legs flip flop all around. :) Can't wait to get started on a couple more of these! :)  She went together super easy!  First, though - I should probably start on Zeb...or maybe finish a couple of my other un-finished projects! :D 

And on a totally non crochet note...I think somebody may be suffering from a little bit of cabin fever?? 


Janice said...

Hollee, She is beautiful! I love your Luna! Now she can start her Dancing lessons:)

Thank you for mentioning me and The Craft Nook. We heart you!


The Original Princess said...

Okay, I would seriously like to buy a Luna from you. The Littlest Princess would lose her mind over that. Name your price.

prittykitty said...

Hell, I would buy a Luna and a Zeb (specially a Zeb)... just for ME! Do you do kitties?

Queen Mel said...

I love Zeb very much too.