Sunday, January 9, 2011

"What's so funny about that?"

Youngest kiddo has violin lessons every Sunday morning at 11:00. We go to the Charlotte street art center. A terrific old building downtown. It used to be a school some 100ish years ago and has more character and charm then you can shake a stick at!

This morning, we arrived at 10:50. A sign was posted on the front door that said;

"Historical repairs are being conducted in the front foyer and entrance from Friday, January 7th until Sunday January 9th.
During this time, please use the side entrance of the building. Thank you for your patience. "
Kiddo asked me to read the sign to her, and then we turned around and walked towards the side entrance. As we walked through the snowy path...
S: Historical repairs?
Me: Yes - that's why we have to use the side entrance.
S: (scrunches face up and looks confused) What's so funny about that??
...Wait for'll get it in a sec. ;)

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LadyLipgloss said...

HAHAHA!! Took me a few minutes.