Saturday, January 22, 2011

Darn you snow storm! Darn you to bits!!!

It's snowing like a sonofagun outside...I just heard the plow go by...again! Normally - no big, cept tomorrow I'm supposed to be getting together with my sistah (from anotha-mistah) hood to scrap. Yup - just me and my gal-pals for a full day of scrappin...but it's not workin out like I had hoped. Our driveway is humungous and I'll have to plow...which is no easy task and can't be done in less then 2 hours...AND I have to deliver a cake at 9am (I-know! I-know! no more cakes!!) In my defense, though, this one was ordered before I gave it up and the Mom had to cancel cuz poor kiddo wound up in the hospital! No way could I say no! So - I just finished my Thomas the Tank engine cake...and haven't even started getting ready for the crop tomorrow...and the kitchen is trashed and I'll still have to plow and shovel and dig us out tomorrow...all before I can go scrappin. *sigh* did I mention that I forgot to send the e-mail with the directions to deliver the cake to my home e-mail?? so I also have to go into the office in the morning to get the stinkin address to be able to deliver it in the first darn place!! What is wrong with me??!! Oh yeah - and kiddo's violin lessons were moved from Sunday morning to tomorrow at unless I can find someone to take her for me...I'll have to leave the crop - take her to her home and go back. (insert HUGE pout here!!)

Thank goodness the gang has seen me at my worst, and I won't need to make any effort at all to look pretty tomorrow. :) As long as I am showered and dressed - everything else is relative!

ugh - to bed to try to get about 5 hours sleep before I have to get up and start my day. I miss sleeping in. :(

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