Thursday, January 20, 2011

Crochet Constipation...

Ok - this post started out as a general blab fest of the unfinished crochet projects that I have on the go...but since then, I've realized that the picture is much worse then I originally realized...I do have a ton of projects on the go cuz I get side tracked very easily...but aside from the original 9ish I started wtih...I managed to find a few more.

1st is a multi colored afghan that I'm LOVING!!! I'm really excited to finish it. The trouble, though...the more I get done...the bigger each row gets and the longer it takes to finish each row!

I'm hoping it will help chip away at my HUGE yarn stash! (admitting I have a problem is my first step - eep!)
  • Then theres... The doll I started for Maddie ages ago...she needs hair, a top lip, and 2 buttons. Procrastinate much??!
  • There's the pass the pig game for Soph...missin 1 of 2 pigs.

  • Mamma and baby turtles...Totally cute - Momma turtle is pretty big, but only her head and legs are stuffed. The shell is left hollow cuz you stuff her with her eggs that are stuffed wtih baby turtles!! Totally cute. Momma is done...gotta get babies and eggs finished.

  • an owl hat for Ava (kiddo from daycare) So far it's still a ball of yarn, waiting to become something.

  • A Monster hat for Nolee (kiddo from daycare) - matches the state of previous itme
  • A wolf I started for Maddie, then got fed up with the darn pattern - grr. Body is done...that's all, so it looks more like a drum stick then a wolf! lol

  • A "Rasberry Beret" I started for Mom...that more closely resembles a toilet seat cover - ugh! So far, I have decided to frog it and recover the yarn...but I'm not completely decided...
    Hmmm...I think that's it?? (scratch head) No matter how you look at it, you'd think I'd just jump in and finish something but nope - not me! lol

Oh - did I mention that;

  • I also have to whip up a birthday present for my niece?? Ok - I don't HAVE to...but I reeeely want to! Her birthday is in like less then 2 weeks. I picked up the pattern tonight, though. he he Hey - I already took the first step - I admit that I have a problem! ;)

  • OH - and I just remembered...that doll I'm almost done for Maddie?? Yup - started a 2nd one for far, she's a body and head with (I think) 1 nearly complete let.

What was I thinking when I picked up another hobby?? :S I think maybe I had better finish some of the items on my list before I a) get more patterns b)get more yarn c)start something new...I really hope my beret stops looking like a toilet seat cover. :(

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