Saturday, January 15, 2011

Goin Spud Thump'n

Tonight, the UNB Varsity Reds "R GOIN SPUD THUMP'N"! Wanna know how I know? Well...I have a 12 foot long benner to prove it. Kiddo had a poster contest at school so we dove in - paint brushes and all. The girls did most of the work - I traced in the words with pencil and they did the rest. I think it turned out great! The bummer was that it was supposed to be a vote...but then on Friday (after kiddo took in hers) they decided to chose with a draw. oh well...we still have a terrific banner to take to the game.


Just got back from the game and I'm beat! lol the girls has a blast! I didn't get to see much of the game from behind the banner, but what I did get to see was pretty good. Our original seat was in the nosebleed section - waaaaay up at the top of section 12-13. We had an entire row to ourselves until some family with a zillion children showed up late and took them all! BAH! it made holding up the banner a little more of a challenge, but we pulled it off. I didn't realize just how big our banner was until I walked to the other side of the aitken center to take a picture...
Ok - it still looks small...but if you look reeeely close - it's at the center of the pic, just before the net. Oh - and Sophia was the favorite fan for her poster and got a free party pizza (which she ate most of - all by herself - before the end of the game!) I have never seen a kid so excited over pizza! lol
for the last part of the game we got to hang with a good friend and her punk. They have amazing seats and the kids thought it was AWESOME! (and so did their Mom :)

so the game went into overtime, and the v-reds won 2 to 1. Now both my punks are hooked on hockey and are asking when the next game is! Good Grief! I hope they don't want another poster! :) I'm really glad they had fun. I had a blast too :)

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